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Best Manicure for you age

One of our favourite things about manicures is that they know no boundsñno colour is taboo and the possibilities are endless. Ten freshly polished digits in any shade make us feel unstoppable. As we get older though, we become slightly more conscious of our nail polish choices.

Not because we canít wear the same shade at 23 and 52, but because weíre evolving as we age. Weíre exploring new trends and learning what we love at the beauty counter and in life. The more we grow, the more we like wearing colours that reflect what weíre experiencing. So whether youíre in your 20s, 30s or 40s these tips will help you make the right choice for expressing yourself.

In your 20’s

This is the time to be experimental. Youíre young, free and figuring out what you want out of life. Use these years to make stories and try out every nail look youíve ever lusted after. Attempt over the top nail art. Mismatch colours with no theme in mind. Wear the most obnoxious glitter you can possibly find! Use these years to discover your signature nail polish, but donít forget to frequently rock wild tips. Express yourself, be daring, and donít let anyone tell you that your manicure doesnít look unbelievable.

In your 30’s

Your 30s are pretty amazing, if anything because youíve locked down your life desires and are comfortable in your own skin. But these are also the years for getting what you want and mastering the perfect polish. So sprinkle nail art days in between bold colour weeks and make sure to change your colour often. Your vibrant manicure will impress when needed and convey to your boss or beau that youíve got it together and are ready for the next step.

Over 40’s

Youíre a busy lady! Youíve got a mortgage, family, career, chores, and social eventsÖanything you could possibly throw in the mix. Donít let your manicure be one of those worries. Regularly adorn your nails in neutrals, reds, and frequent these essential hues. More traditional shades donít mean youíre boring (pleaseÖwe all know 40 is the new 20!), but they will ease your mind and no doubt looks gorgeous.