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  • Freeze Your Fat Away

    With Vivica Body Contouring


Freeze Fat Away with Vivica Body Contouring

21st Century Revolutionary Cavitation slimming machine, ultra therapy. A New Way to Lift, Tone & Tighten Loose Skin.

Total body transformation machine, look the way you desire without invasive surgical treatment from your forehead to your calves.

Applications of Cavitation Slimming Machine.

Cellulite reduction, Body contouring and shaping, Deep fat blasting, Skin tightening and rejuvenation, improve elasticity and tone, General reduction of waist, abdomen & buttocks. Unlike full-bore liposuction or botox, this technique is crafted for the delicate job of tightening the back of your hands, frown lines, sagging cheeks, eye lid and chin wattles. It’s also effective for love handles, and the inner and outer thigh area.


Intensive physical biolysis to remove fat, tighten skin and keep you looking younger. Excess fat cells are melted, resulting in a decreased body circumference.
Body slimming, body contouring, and body shaping. Cellulite, lose skin & stretch marks reduction, massaging, face lifting & Neck wrinkle reduction. Skin tightening, eyelid area treatment, eye bag & crow’s feet reduction. Smooth tired skin, wrinkles reduction around ear and forehead area. Remove obstructions, helps with healing to skin and rejuvenation. Promote collagen and accelerate the body’s metabolism


Face R4000

Treatment, from chin/jaw line to forehead area

Eyes R 1500
Treatment, from under eye brows around eye area

Eyes R1500

Treatment, from under eye brows around eyes


Neck R1500

Treatment, from above collar bone to chin area


Chest R2000

Treatment, from above tummy to collar bone


Arms R4000

Treatment, from underarm to wrist area


Tummy R4500

Treatment, from under chest to above uterus


Thighs R3500

Treatment, from above knee to under buttocks area


Calves R2500

Treatment, from under knee to above ankle


Buttocks R3000

Treatment, from under to above buttocks area


Back R3000

Treatment, from back shoulder to lower back


Knees R2500

Treatment, around patella to back of knee area

Vivica Contouring Specials


Tummy & Eyes R4000


Thighs & Neck R4000


Buttocks & Back R4000

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