The SLIM DETOX body contouring cream provides optimal slimming effectiveness, thanks to its dual biological and mechanical slimming action.

The figure appears resculpted, and contours look thinner. Unwanted curves are diminished.

Orange-peel skin is erased, and the skin appears smoother. SLIM DETOX works on several levels:

– Biological action, thanks to its active ingredient complex that breaks down stubborn fat and drains skin tissue.

– Mechanical action, thanks to its massaging roll-on applicator, which stimulates fluid circulation and helps detoxify skin.


– Fight against cellulite

Cellulysium helps diminish adipocyte volume by restoring balance between lipogenesis and lipolysis. African Mahogany bark extract helps stimulate collagen synthesis, thanks to its high polyphenol content, to firm skin and erase dimpled cellulite.

– Promote tissue drainage

Ginger extract fights against water retention to improve the appearance and comfort of legs. These 3 active ingredients make up the SLIM DETOX COMPLEX.


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Slim Detox – 125ml