Slim Logic cream provides maximum slimming and anti-cellulite effectiveness by reducing both fat and fluid retention.

An innovative active ingredient, Délipogénase II, helps reinforce the reduction of fat deposits. The latest scientific research has led to the identification of two types of adipocytes: ‘storage’ adipocytes (which burn very little fat) and ‘combustion’ adipocytes (which actively burn fat).

Délipogénase II intensifies the process of breaking down fat by rendering ‘storage’ adipocytes as active as ‘combustion’ adipocytes, so that they burn more fat than they store.

Therefore, the curves are reduced, the body contour is slimmer, and the figure is resculpted. The appearance of cellulite is reduced. The cream texture absorbs rapidly and has a pleasant floral scent.


– Fat reduction effect: Caffeine starts the process of breaking down fat, Délipogénase II intensifies this process and Cellulysium prevents the storage of fat

– Anti-fluid retention effect: Ivy decongests and stimulates the microcirculation


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Slim Logic Cream – 125ml