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Spring hair ready!

Spring hair ready!

Do you want a break from cleaning your house from top to bottom? If spring cleaning your home has got you in the dumps, pep yourself up with spring cleaning for your hair and hair accessories. We recommend these spring cleaning tasks to turn heads with your luscious locks this upcoming summer:

Time to Trim

Winter can be awfully rough on your hair. Cold and dry air, windy days, and toques can leave your hair dry, lifeless, and full of static. Freshen up your hair with a quick trim at your salon. Your stylist can snip away split-ends and give your hair new life.

Clean Your Brush

Think of all the important interviews and hot dates your hairbrush has helped prepare you for over the years. Reward your trusty brush with a nice clean. Pull out all stray hairs, carefully clipping away ones that are stuck in the bristles. Once all the dead hair has been removed, you can clean most brushes with water and a touch of shampoo. If you notice the bristles are broken or worn, it might be time to replace it. Go for a durable brush designed to suit your hair type.

Clean Your Styling Tools

If you haven’t cleaned your styling tools in a long time, you’ll probably notice a build-up or hairspray, oil, and dirt and grime. You can wipe down your styling iron with a clean piece of cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. Let it dry and your tools are ready to use to pull off that perfect spring look.

Throw Away Old Products

Spring clean your shower stall and vanity drawers by throwing out all hair products that are empty or expired. If there are products that are useable but not in your daily rotation, put them in your gym or travel bag for use on-the-go.

Air Dry

Now that the freezing winter air has passed and crisp spring air is here, you should consider switching up your drying routine. Give your hair a break and avoid blow drying.

Protect Against Sun Damage

Now that you’re spending more time outside, you have to beware of the damage that sun exposure can do to your hair. The sun can cause dry hair, split ends, frizziness, and discolouration. To protect your hair, remember to wear a hat or become a trendsetter by walking around with a parasol.

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